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It’s Your Money, YOU Deserve to Keep Some!

“I had spent my whole life as the proverbial ‘“cat chasing its tail”’ until I learned Free To Spend at 85. Sharon Nash’s Free To Spend helps me keep things straight. It lets me know where I stand at all times, and I can easily see what is paid and what is not. I live around those under the Social Security crunch, where constantly I hear, “We don’t have enough money and what we do receive is shrinking all the time.” Because of this concept, I don’t have to join in their pity party anymore.”
Maggie, Retired, 99, MT
“Before learning the Free To Spend concept I was LOST! I had no idea where our money was going and no goals. We were simply just trying to survive. We lived paycheck to paycheck. My husband and I would argue about who was spending all the money. We had no clue as to who spent more. We had no savings. Our budget book was only a record keeper of how much we spent. Worthless, you could say. We were not in control; our money was.

After applying the Free To Spend concept, we knew how much was spent and on what. It eliminated the guessing. We now are in control of our money and have a lot more choices to decide on. We have SAVINGS! As well as having the vehicle insurance before it is even due. This system is also a great record keeper — you can look back and see where many things were without having to dig out previous statements. It makes tax time so much easier! But most of all, we now have the peace of mind which comes from knowing we are good stewards with what God has provided for us. We went through a time where I was unemployed for a year and a half; our income went from $80,000 to $20,000. Because of Sharon Nash’s Free To Spend that time in our lives was NO BIG DEAL!”

Gina, Senior Systems Analyst, MN
“I have found this system most helpful! This should be part of pre-marriage counseling! Finally a clear and simple method of handling your money!”
Mary, Reverend, MN
“We were near bankrupt status, but we refused to go that way! We cried out to God for a modern-day miracle. The miracle was your concept. Once we applied it, blessings after blessing began to come our way. We received numerous gifts of food, clothing, gifts, large sums of cash and even a house that we knew we would never have been able to afford! Our debt load is vanishing and we now joyfully live on our earnings. To God be the glory.”
David & Deborah, IL
“I am still jumping up and down with excitement about all of the wonderful things the Free to Spend method has meant to my husband and me.”
Cynthia, WY
“The concept of actually starting a spending plan seemed so confusing to me and very unlikely. Numbers make me nervous and irritated but I am over all that now. Your system “showed” me how easy it can be. Although my husband knew how to work with numbers, to be a team, I needed to learn as well. Thank you.”
Bryan & Rachel, Carpenter & Stay-at-home Mom, MT
“We are using your system. My wife was always reluctant to work on the finances with me, but because of the way you explained it she is willing to give it a try. We look forward to doing more than just getting by from now on. Thank you again.”
Scott, MN

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Learning how to build wealth has never been easier.


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